Mr Sugathan General Manager of Arabian Oasis Industries LLC announced today that following a recent request from a client to form some very thick heads they decided to run trials on their unique dished head machinery by forming some 100 mm nominal thickness heads. He explained that the machine was originally designed to form 80 mm cold and up to 120 mm hot but it was decided to wait some time before using it for hot forming.

Under the guidance of Mr Paul Lilley, previously General Manager and now a Director and Technical Consultant of the company, they successfully formed 2 heads 4000 mm diameter from 100 mm plate thickness.

Mr Sugathan said that it all went much easier than expected due to meticulous preparations and the unrivaled knowledge of the processes of Mr Paul. As usual the company will never offer to the market unless they are totally sure they can make a quality product conforming to specification requirements. This represents yet another milestone to probably the most progressive company in the industry and it is without doubt the thickest head produced by this particular class of machine. He added that, in the future, they will almost certainly move to 120 mm but will wait until Mr Paul decides that their experience with the current maximum thickness will ensure success.

Arabian Oasis Industries is part of Oasis Investment company, of the holding company of the UAE based Al Shirawi Group (